This collection contains Sentinel-3 Level-2 Land products derived from the OLCI (Ocean and Land Colour) instrument. The data consist of land and atmospheric geophysical products at full (~300m) and reduced (~1.2km) resolutions. The Sentinel-3 mission, jointly operated by ESA and EUMETSAT, is designed as a constellation of two identical polar orbiting satellites, separated by 180°, for the provision of long-term operational marine and land monitoring services.

Sensor: OLCI (Ocean Land Colour Instrument)
Revisit time: <2 days at the equator
Launch date: 16 February 2016
Archiving start date: 29 February 2016
Mission Status: ongoing

Terms and conditions for the use of Sentinel data

Sentinel-3 Mission Overview

Sentinel-3 OLCI Level-2 Products Overview and Processing Levels

Spatial resolution of Sentinel-3 OLCI data:

File format of measurement data: netCDF
Suggested software: ESA SNAP/Sentinel Toolbox (

Sentinel-3 OLCI coverage: