This collection contains Sentinel-5 Precursor Level-2 atmospheric measurements derived from the TROPOMI spectrometer. The products consist of the geolocated sulfur dioxide column with a spatial resolution of 7 × 3.5 km observed at about 13:30 local solar time from spectra measured by TROPOMI.
The main objective of the Copernicus Sentinel-5P mission is to perform atmospheric measurements with high spatio-temporal resolution, to be used for air quality, ozone and UV radiation, and climate monitoring and forecasting.

Sensor: TROPOMI (TROPOspheric Monitoring Instrument)
Revisit time and coverage: daily global coverage
Launch date: 13 October 2017
Archiving start date: 10 July 2018
Mission Status: ongoing

Terms and conditions for the use of Sentinel data:

Sentinel-5P Mission Overview:

Sentinel-5P TROPOMI Level-2 Products and Algorithms:

Sentinel-5P TROPOMI Level 2 Product User Manual SO2 Total Column:

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File format of measurement data: netCDF

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The S5P TROPOMI L1b data are the basis for generating the L2 product and the main input of the S5P UPAS L2 processor.