Copernicus Data Access and Exploitation Platform for Germany (CODE-DE) - Processors

The CODE-DE processing subsystem is based on existing software components like Hadoop, Calvalus and Sentinel Toolbox. The processing services offered provide an environment to generate higher level data products from the satellite data hosted on the CODE-DE platform.

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30-11-2017 01:47:04

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Sentinel-2 Atmospheric Correction (Sen2Cor) Processor in CODE-DE

Sen2Cor is a processor for Sentinel-2 Level 2A product generation and formatting; it performs the atmospheric-, terrain and cirrus correction of Top-Of- Atmosphere Level 1C input data. Sen2Cor creates Bottom-Of-Atmosphere, optionally terrain- and cirrus corrected reflectance images; additional, Aerosol Optical Thickness-, Water Vapor-, Scene Classification Maps and Quality Indicators for cloud and snow probabilities. Equivalent to the Level 1C User Product: JPEG 2000 images, three different resolutions, 60, 20 and 10 m.

Processor for band math with Sentinel Products in CODE-DE

The SNAP Generic BandMath operator allows to create a product with multiple bands based on mathematical expressions. The geo-coding information and metadata for the target product is taken from the source product.

VM Template for CODE-DE

This is the VM Template for CODE-DE. It consists of tools which allow users to search for data in the CODE-DE data storage, retrieve data from the CODE-DE data storage, and to interact with CODE-DE processing system. The tools are accompanied by documentation and a sample processing request file.


Sample processing file: