"Seize the beauty of our planet" - contest for the best EO image of water

code-de project

CODE-DE is participating in the international contest "Seize the beauty of our planet" for the best satellite image of the Earth. You are invited to enter the 3rd edition of the competition. This year the contest is focused on water, and its motto is Together for blue Earth!

The contest’s goal is to support the joint effort of European and international organisations to protect WATER, a valuable resource of our planet. In the contest, we are looking for the best satellite images depicting an area of ocean, sea or surface water or their surroundings that have been in any way affected by climate change or human impact. Satellite observations play a key role in efficient and cost effective monitoring of water resources, and the contest is also promoting the use of the Copernicus data for water research.


How to take part?

Go to the contest page and submit ONE image of your choice generated on one of the platforms developed and operated by CloudFerro – CREODIAS, CODE-DE, EO-Lab or WEkEO.The image should demonstrate the changes in a water area captured by satellites in recent years, such as ice melting, water pollution, droughts, consequences of river regulation, floods, water level rise, or any other.

The organisers are waiting for your works until October 31, 2022.



Prizes for the authors of winning images include Apple iPad, GoPro camera, LARQ bottle, as well as a calendar for 2023 composed of all the winning images.


How to generate a beautiful image?

Watch a tutorial on visualizing EO data, or watch a webinar on preparing an image for the contest.

Go to the contest page to learn more.