Privacy statement

We take the protection of personal data of users very seriously. We acquire and process personal data collected during your visit of in compliance with provisions governing data protection.


1.   Personal Data

Personal data is information that can be used to determine your identity. Name, address, postal information or telephone numbers are examples of personal data.


2.   Extent to which personal data is acquired and processed

There are three types of users on

  • Non registered (anonymous) users with restricted access to,
  • Self-registered users, and
  • Users which are granted extended rights.

For non-registered users no personal data will be acquired. IP addresses are stored with no reference to persons, in an anonymous way . Non-registered users can use for information about CODE-DE content and visualization of provided data only.

In all other cases, the user is informed about the purposes of the acquisition, use and processing of their personal data and the duration of the storage, and asked for authorization of, as part of the self-registration process.

For users that self-register on the following data is acquired and processed:


Mandatory data for self-registered users:

  • Given Name
  • surname
  • Email address
  • Sector in which the user is active (Category)
  • Field of Activity
  • User Password


Optional data for self-registered users:

  • Name of Organisation
  • Title
  • State/Province
  • Preferred Language
  • Description of Organisation


Additional data stored for self-registered users:

  • Time of last user profile update
  • Time of last login
  • Information regarding password policy
  • Access rights for users are managed by user groups. The membership in user groups is stored.


Self-registered users who want to have additional / extended access rights can apply for the membership in the appropriate user group which grants the intended access rights. If the requested access rights are associated with specific terms of use / licences or data protection terms, the user is informed about these terms and can accept these terms as part of the application process.

The username is exclusively stored and processed in an anonymous way, without any reference to a specific person.


3.   Cookies

Cookies are small text files that are stored locally in the cache of the web browser of the person visiting the site. Cookies make it possible to recognize the web browser and allow a web server to store information on a user’s computer/device in order, for instance, to allow certain website functions to be used, such as single-sign-on.

CODE-DE supports single-sign-on which allows the user to access the different CODE-DE services without need for separate logins.

Cookies are also used to collect statistical data regarding the use of which can be analyzed in order to improve CODE-DE services. You can decide yourself in your browser's settings how you wish to manage cookies. You can disable cookies or set your browser so that cookies are only stored for the duration of the current session.

Please note that without cookies the use of and the user experience can be limited.


4.   Purpose of the Acquisition, Processing and Use of Personal Data

The acquisition, processing and use of personal data is done for the following purposes:

To contact the user in case of problems, to comply with the regulations of the „Gesetz zum Schutz vor Gefährdung der Sicherheit der Bundesrepublik Deutschland durch das Verbreiten von hochwertigen Erdfernerkundungsdaten“ (SatDSiG), the German law for protection against danger for the security of the Federal Republic of Germany, and for statistical purposes related with user management.

The data is stored as long as the user keeps his CODE-DE user account. If the user requests the deletion of his CODE-DE user account, the account will initially be deactivated for a maximum duration of one month. During this time period the user may request to re-activate the account again. After the period of one month of deactivation, the CODE-DE user information will be deleted.


5.   Processing of Personal Data in Non-EU Countries

The processing and use of personal data is done on servers located in Germany, a member country of the European Union, or a member country of the Treaty on the European Economic Area.


6.   Use and Propagation of Personal Data

All use of personal data is limited to the purposes described above and to the extent necessary to achieve those purposes. The data is used only by the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure. Personal data is not transferred to or passed on  to third parties. Personal data is transmitted to public authorities only within the scope of relevant laws and regulations.


7.   Revocation

The user can revoke the authorization for collection, processing, use and transfer of his or her personal data at any time, effective for the future.


Open the Privacy Statement as PDF here.