CODE-DE – After Private Value-Added Processing now Public Value-Added Products available, too

April 26, 2018 - 10:00

Ther are currently near to 1000 registered users on CODE-DE. These have been granted free access to Copernicus products since 2017. Additionally, users can now process these data sets using even more functionalities in the CODE-DE processing environment to higher level value-added products.

Example: Performing an atmospheric correction of the Sentinel-2 Data (Link: Processing Environment)


Since April 26, 2018, derived products are also provided by projects realized on CODE-DE.

Examples: EOMAP publishes an Albedo Product on Water based on Sentinel-2 data using a water-land cloud mask to derive water constituents and qualities.

And DLR publishes a  data set over Germany  presenting temporal statistics based on one year of Sentinel-2 data and derived spectral indices in order to quantify changes in land use and cover.

In the coming weeks, this portfolio will be expanded continually. Sentinel-5P products will be made available as well. In addition to the high-performance data access via the CODE-DE Rolling Archive with 189 TB for Sentinel-1 data and 242 TB for Sentinel-2 data, there is now direct access to the global historical Sentinel-2 data with currently 1,322 TB from the Longterm Archive of the German Satellite Data Archive (D-SDA). Furthermore, access to Copernicus products has been enhanced with Sentinel-3 data, including the optimized representation of the catalog for the daily global coverage of the Earth's surface. This mission, whose satellite Sentinel-3B has just been successfully launched, provides information on the color, temperature and altitude of land and water surfaces.

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