2021-07-07: Sen4CAP for Common Agricultural Policy

code-de project

Sen4CAP will be offered on CODE-DE soon. We are pleased to invite you to attend CloudFerro's webinar "Fast and efficient agricultural monitoring from space - Sen4CAP for Common Agricultural Policy" on July 07. To participate in this webinar, please register with CloudFerro using the link below.

Learn more about solutions for land and agriculture monitoring, that gives you a direct access to the complete Copernicus Sentinel satellite data repository and dynamically scalable processing opportunities. We will present how to use Sen4CAP software for agriculture monitoring commissioned by the European Space Agency in line with the EU Common Agricultural Policy.


1. Why to use a cloud solution

  • The market need for satellite solutions for Check by monitoring
  • Why Sen4CAP is the best on CREODIAS
  • Check by Monitoring approach

2. How to work with Sen4CAP

  • Principles and functionalities of ESA Sen4CAP agricultural monitoring software
  • How to use Sen4CAP software on CREODIAS by setting up a dedicated Sen4CAP Virtual Machine on CREODIAS
  • How to use Sen4CAP software to pre-process Sentinel satellite data on CREODIAS, as well as to visualise and interpret the results

3. What you can achieve with Sen4CAP on CREODIAS

  • Advantages and benefits of Sen4CAP for paying agencies in Europe and globally
  • Success story from developers of Sen4CAP

Date: 07 July 2021
Time: 14:00 (CET)
Duration: 1 h
Language: English

Join our webinar if:

  • You are searching for easy tool to fulfil European Commision requirements regarding Check by Monitoring
  • You are working as an EO / agriculture / atmospheric scientist interested in taking advantage of cloud computing with Earth Observation for environmental applications
  • You are currently using CREODIAS and you wish to explore more functionalities
  • You are an industry professional who seeks an introduction to cloud-enabled Earth Observation data-based value chains for land / atmospheric applications

Web links

Please follow this link to register for the CloudFerro webinar.