2021-11-25: Use of the cloud for area monitoring on the example of Sen4CAP

code-de project

Using Sen4CAP (Sentinels for Common Agricultural Policy) as an example, Mr. Benjamin Kroll explains the use of the CODE-DE Cloud for land monitoring.

The Sen4CAP project aims to provide European and national stakeholders of the Common Agricultural Policy with validated algorithms, products, workflows and best practices for agricultural monitoring and management.

In his lecture Mr. Benjamin Kroll will explain why his team decided to use Sen4CAP and how they integrated this product into their infrastructure. He will explain why his team operates the system at CROEDIAS or CODE-DE and which instances were set up for it.


First results from the area monitoring in Schleswig-Holstein are presented.

Date: 25. November 2021
Time: 13:30 (CET) 
Duration: ca. 60 min
Language: German


  1. Welcome: Dr. Michael Schmidt, DLR
  2. Introduction: Benjamin Kroll, MELUND SH
  3. Why Sen4CAP?
  4. Installation of Sen4CAP in your own IT infrastructure
  5. Why using CREODIAS / CODE-DE?
  6. First results from the area monitoring of Schleswig-Holstein
  7. Discussion, questions and answers

Mr. Benjamin Kroll is in charge of the introduction of the area monitoring in Schleswig-Holstein and is a consultant for the InVeKo (Integriertes Verwaltungs- und Kontrollsystem, Integrated Administration and Control System) in the department "Direktzahlungen" of the "Ministerium für Energiewende, Landwirtschaft, Umwelt, Natur und Digitalisierung des Landes Schleswig-Holstein" (MELUND SH). This ministry is responsible for the following topics, among others:

  • Nuclear phase-out
  • Species protection
  • Coastal protection
  • Animal protection
  • Nature conservation
  • Agriculture

The management and control of payments from the European Agricultural Guarantee Fund (EAGF) to farmers in their countries is the responsibility of the Member States of the European Union, according to the principle of so-called "shared management". Since a large part of the EU budget is spent on this fund, it is important to ensure that the income support provided by the EU Member States is channelled to the right farmers. The most important building block of the system for managing payments is the integrated administration and control system InVeKoS.

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