Calculation of the EVI in the EO Browser

code-de project

The Enhanced Vegetation Index (EVI) is used to improve the vegetation signal in regions with high biomass.

The EO Browser now provides an easy way to calculate the Enhanced Vegetation Index (EVI) for Sentinel-2 L1 data. It is calculated on-the-fly for the selected dataset. The results are displayed immediately and can be downloaded as an image.

The Enhanced Vegetation Index (EVI) of Sentinel-2 images is comparable to the Normalised Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) and quantifies the amount of green vegetation. However, the EVI is more sensitive to changes in areas of high biomass. Especially for areas with high biomass and for the detection of changes in tree canopy, this index provides meaningful information and complements the NDVI, which is mostly used for the detection of vegetation and vegetation change.