Podcast "Inside Copernicus - Europe's View of the Earth"

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The new podcast "Inside Copernicus" is about the different areas of application of satellite data. Current examples are used to show where Copernicus is already being used successfully today.

Information from the newsletter "New Perspectives in Earth Observation" (Number 7 / August 2022) of the Earth Observation Department of the Space Agency at DLR:

In the new podcast "Inside Copernicus", Godela Roßner and Seraphine Luneau talk about areas of application for satellite data. Together with experts, they use current examples to show where Copernicus is already being used successfully today.

Already published episodes:

  • Pilot episode: What is the Copernicus programme? How does it work? And who can use it? Godela and Seraphine answer these questions in the pilot episode.
  • Episode 1: Copernicus for climate-resilient urban planning. What are the impacts of climate change on our cities? What adaptation strategies are there? And what role do satellite data play in this? Seraphine talks about this with Dr Diana Rechid and Prof. Michael Bühler.


The podcast is published every two weeks. In the next episode, Seraphine will talk to Tanja Sanders from the Thünen Institute about the use of remote sensing data in forest monitoring.

The episodes can be streamed on all major streaming platforms, on Podigee ( or on the Copernicus website (