Sentinel-2 L2A MAJA - Reprocessing all MAJA data on CODE-DE with optimized parameter settings

code-de project

A new program version significantly improved the MAJA atmospheric correction.

In cooperation with the CNES (Centre national d'├ętudes spatiales), the parameters of the processor were optimized, so that the creation of time series is facilitated. Therefore, all MAJA and WASP data products will be reprocessed, also with the aim of achieving consistency across all data. The reprocessing of all Sentinel-2 MAJA data on CODE-DE (as of 04 July 2015) has already started and will be completed within the next 1-2 months. The existing MAJA data will be successively replaced.
Subsequently, the cloud-free monthly composites (Sentinel-2 L3 WASP) will also be reprocessed.