ArcGIS Sentinel-2 Download Tools

ArcGIS Python Toolbox for Search and Download of Sentinel-2 data via DHuS (SciHub, or CODE-DE).

The "ArcGIS Sentinel-2 Download Tools" are geoprocessing tools which allow the download of data via DHuS (either the SciHub-DHus of ESA or alternatively also the CODE-DE-DHuS) and the integration of the data in the ArcGIS environment: The tool "Search DHuS catalog" facilitates the creation or completion of a local catalog with information over existing Sentinel-2 satellite acquisitions. These include, among others, a quicklook image with low resolution. For the execution of the data download, each satellite acquisition in the local catalog can be marked and the tool "Download Marked packages" can be started which provides further options for the control of the download.

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