SRTM X-SAR - Elevation Mosaic - Global

The SRTM X-SAR Elevation Mosaic is an aggregation of DLR's SRTM X-SAR DTED files.

The DTED Level-2 files have been generated from Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data acquired by the German-Italian X-band interferometric SAR system during the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) between February 11 and 22, 2000. The X-band system was flown and operated onboard the Space Shuttle Endeavor, along with a NASA C-Band SAR system. The SRTM project page at DLR provides additional information on the SRTM X-band mission ( Further details on the mission in general, the technology, accuracies, and applications are available in .

The original DTED files have been grouped and mosaicked into 30 x 30 degree tiles. Six out of the total of 48 tiles were empty since they do not contain any DTED files. The resulting 42 tiles are stored as uncompressed GeoTIFF files. The files have been supplemented with nine cubic convolution resampled overviews for fast web delivery.

Date of last change

Horizontal accuracy (absolute): ±20m 90% circular error
Horizontal accuracy (relative): ±15m 90% circular error
Vertical accuracy (absolute): ±16m 90% linear error
Vertical accuracy (relative): ±6m 90% linear error