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code-de project

You still have the opportunity to participate in the design of the platforms until 10 November 2023 by answering the questionnaire.

CODE-DE and EO-Lab are complementary national Earth observation platforms operated by the German Space Agency at DLR. They have already been used intensively by German users for several years and support them in the use of Copernicus and other remote sensing data. CODE-DE as the national Copernicus platform provides IT resources primarily to German authorities to implement their own applications with Copernicus and other data and to produce and provide information products. EO-Lab specifically supports the research, development and demonstration of innovative EO-based data analysis using Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods.

The clouds offer state-of-the-art technology for computing and storage resources, easy and high-performance access to EO data and a wide range of EO applications. Many users are already taking advantage of these benefits. One criterion for success is the design of the platforms, which is closely geared to the needs of the various user groups. We plan to further integrate the two platforms in the future. To this end, we would like to get to know user needs even better.

By answering this questionnaire you support us in designing the platform in your interest.

Participation in this survey is anonymous and possible without mentioning your name. Registration with CODE-DE or EO-Lab is not required. The questionnaire is based on a Google Form, but you do not need to log in or register with Google to participate.