CODE-DE offers high-performance access to all Copernicus data about Germany. Through the connection to one of the largest online data archives for satellite data of the European Copernicus Mission, more than 18 PB of data are available and can either be processed directly in the CODE-DE cloud or downloaded.

The portfolio provides a quick overview of the typical field of application of each product, the availability on CODE-DE and a short note on how to access and use.

The easy to use EO-Browser allows a quick search for suitable data and visualizes the selected scenes on the map. In addition, predefined processors can be used to create initial analyses such as a vegetation index.

The powerful tool for data access, the EO Finder opens up the entire archive. In addition to data search and visualization, data processing can be performed "on-the-fly" with a number of processors.

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Based on state-of-the-art technology, the CODE-DE Cloud offers extensive computing resources for processing and generous storage space for own data and derived data products.

Innovative tools for accessing and processing data enable not only geo-IT experts and developers to benefit from these resources, but also users who only occasionally use remote sensing data in their workflows.

A special service of CODE-DE are the CODE-DE Jupyter Notebooks. Jupyter Notebooks can be created, managed, executed and terminated via the JupyterLab interface. To use the previous classic notebook, please see the note in the corresponding portfolio entry.

The CODE-DE DataCube provides easy and efficient access to the multidimensional data space of satellite data on CODE-DE. This allows individually configured OGC web services to be created from Sentinel-1, Sentinel-2, Sentinel-3 and Sentinel-5P data in the CODE-DE Cloud.

The resources of the CODE-DE Cloud are designed for the compute and memory intensive processing of remote sensing data. Three steps lead to your virtual work environment:

  1. Register at CODE-DE
  2. Request a quota of resources
  3. Configure your environment using the dashboard
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User Forum

The moderated CODE-DE User Forum is intended for the exchange of information between users of CODE-DE and EO-Lab. We look forward to your contributions!

Registered CODE-DE users can read and comment on other users' posts and start their own discussions. The "News" section, on the other hand, is visible to all users, regardless of whether they are registered on CODE-DE or not, and contains important information on planned maintenance work and news about CODE-DE and EO-Lab.

CODE-DE Newsletter

Do you know the CODE-DE Newsletter? With the quarterly newsletter you will regularly receive interesting information about new data and services, online seminars and other topics around CODE-DE. You will receive the newsletter in German and English.

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Help and Trainings

CODE-DE offers a variety of support for users. For example, different online training courses are provided on a regular basis. Within the section "Training" on the help page the presentation slides can be downloaded shortly after the respective event. Additionally, there is a link to the recordings of the individual trainings. Beyond the training dates published here, CODE-DE users can also request individual dates in their own premises.

The CODE-DE support service also includes online available information such as manual, FAQ, glossary and a growing library of e-learning modules. A German and English speaking helpdesk is available by e-mail and telephone (on weekdays from 9:00 - 17:00). If you have any questions or would like assistance in registering on CODE-DE or applying for an online training seminar, please contact us.